Robotics I A/B

This two-semester course is focused on the concepts related to robots and how to construct a robot. Students will learn about the history and applications of robotics. Students will learn about the job opportunities and employability skills in the field of robotics. Students will also learn about the basic concepts of six simple machines, electricity, electronic circuits, Boolean algebra, magnetics, and their applicability to robotics. Students will apply safety procedures and construct a simple robot. Students will also learn about project management and engineering design process. Students will learn about the programming languages used in robotics. Students will create a simple robotic arm. Students will also construct a robot using programming. Student will learn about ethics and laws related to robotics. Students will also learn how to test and maintain a robot. Online discussions and unit activities require students to develop and apply critical thinking skills, while the included games appeal to a variety of learning styles and keep students engaged.

Required lab materials note: This course contains hands-on labs that employ relatively-common household materials to provide a valuable laboratory experience. Please refer to the Student Syllabus or Teacher’s Guide for a detailed list of required lab materials and options for purchasing kits.