Virginia Physics I A/B

Virginia Physics I is a redesigned course that offers 100% alignment to Virginia’s 2018 Science Standards of Learning. The updated standards are more conceptual in nature and integrate scientific inquiry and engineering design into content to support the development of deeper learning.Virginia Physics I introduces students to the physics of motion including energy, momentum, and periodic motion. Waves, optics, electrostatics, circuitry, magnetism, and quantum and nuclear physics are covered in the second semester. Students learn the history of physics from the discoveries of Galileo and Newton to those of contemporary physicists. The course focuses more on explanation than calculation and prepares students for introductory quantitative physics at the college level.Lab materials note: The majority of the activities in this course focus on digital video analysis and modeling as well as the use of interactive simulations. None of the virtual labs require specialized laboratory materials or tools. Some virtual labs do allow students to make use of common, household items—such as paper and a pencil—if they choose.