State and Agency Approval

Arizona Approved Move On When Reading (MOWR) Intervention Curriculum

ADE Seal

Edmentum Exact Path, our K-12 assessment-driven, individualized instruction program, has been approved by the Arizona Department of Education as a K-8 Move On When Reading (MOWR) Intervention Curriculum for tiers 1-3.

What assessment list is Exact Path approved for?

MOWR Intervention/Supplemental Reading Programs are ADE vetted, evidence-based reading interventions that are intended to be used with students unable to access Tier 1 (core) curriculum. Every year Arizona districts and charter schools submit a MOWR Literacy Plan for improving K-3 students reading proficiency that includes their chosen intervention/supplemental reading program.

ADE intended purpose for using Exact Path

The ADE MOWR Vetted Intervention Program list outlines the extent to which approved programs can be implemented. Reading intervention with Exact Path is allowed to be scaled across more tiers (tier 1 in addition to tiers 2 and 3), across more grades (K-8), and for more special populations including ELL students and students with dyslexia in comparison to many other listed interventions. Exact Path’s reading instruction is also noted to be strongly aligned to the elements of the science of reading.

Learn more about scaling reading interventions with Exact Path.