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College Board® Advanced Placement® Approval

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Edmentum's Advanced Placement® (AP®) courses for use through Edmentum Courseware, EdOptions Academy, Apex Learning Courses, and ALVS have been approved by College Board®, the undisputed authority regarding the thorough vetting and approval of AP courses for districts and courseware vendors alike. A review of Edmentum’s 2023 AP course program revealed that:

  • Edmentum students earned scores of 3 or higher on 68% of all AP exams taken, 8% higher than the 2022 national average (60%).
  • Of the top five AP courses taken by Edmentum students, the percentage of students who earned a 3 or higher exceeded the national average by as much as 18%

All 22 of Edmentum’s available AP courses have been approved and are listed within the College Board AP Ledger. This ledger, along with College Board-approved syllabi for each of Edmentum’s courses, also gives individual districts the needed avenue to have Edmentum's Advanced Placement courses College Board-approved for themselves.

College Board-Approved AP Courses:

Authorized AP courses may also be found on the AP Collegeboard website under EdOptions Academy and Apex Learning. AP courses are reviewed by the Advanced Placement Program® (AP), and courses are approved meeting course, curricular, and implementation requirements.