State and Agency Approval

Delaware DPAS-II Component: External Measures

Delaware DEPT

The DPAS-II program is an integral part of the DDOE’s mission of providing learners with the highest quality education through equitable, meaningful educator evaluation designed to drive professional development opportunities and foster student growth. The five components of the program are intended to enable holistic evaluation based on concrete data. Exact Path has been approved as an external measure for Component V of the program, which focuses on student improvement.

With Exact Path, educators can pinpoint valid measures of growth within each subject domain using adaptive diagnostic assessments that determine learners’ instructional levels, strengths, and needs. Students then receive tailored learning paths of 100% mobile-optimized lessons and activities designed to help build their skill competencies at their own pace.

Approved Program

Exact Path is now a state-wide approved Alternate Measure B assessment for the Student Improvement Component of DPAS-II for K-8 students. Visit the Delaware Department of Education for core content areas approved.

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The vision of the Delaware Department of Education is to help every learner be ready for success in college, career and life. Their mission revolves around empowering every learner with the highest quality education through shared leadership, innovative practices and exemplary services. Priorities include: engaging community, rigorous standards, early learning, equitable access, and environments conducive to learning. More information about Delaware Department of Education is available here.