State and Agency Approval

Future Ready Pennsylvania Index

Penn Dept Ed

Edmentum has completed the Department of Education recommended Pennsylvania Future Ready Indexes for Grade 3 Reading & Grade 7 Mathematics for the following solutions, which have been reviewed and are ready for districts to utilize:

  • Exact Path
  • Study Island Benchmarks
  • Edmentum Test Packs


Visit the Pennsylvania Department of Education website to review their Guidance for Evaluating Locally Selected Measures for Use in the Future Ready Pennsylvania Index Grade 3 Reading and Grade 7 Mathematics.

About the Future Ready Pennsylvania Index

An important component of Pennsylvania’s Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Consolidated State Plan is the creation of the Future Ready PA Index, a comprehensive, public-facing school progress report that includes a wide range of meaningful, evidence-based indicators. The Future Ready PA Index moves beyond a single, summative score to increase transparency around school and student group performance.

Each indicator within the Future Ready PA Index was selected based on extensive feedback from stakeholders across the commonwealth, along with careful evaluation of the practices and systems that tie to continuous school improvement.