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GED® Testing Service

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The GED® Testing Service has thoroughly reviewed Edmentum 4 GED® test preparation courses through the GED® Publisher Program and have found all 4 courses are 100% aligned to all GED® test objectives.

Approved Courses:

  • GED® Mathematics
  • GED® Reading Language Arts
  • GED® Social Studies
  • GED® Science

About the GED® Publisher Program

The GED® Publisher Program recognizes GED® test-aligned content from publishers who develop curriculum materials for the GED® test. To ensure that materials meet 100% of GED® test objectives, a professional content review organization has evaluated each product’s alignment to GED® test objectives. Alignment is determined at a subject area level rather than at a publisher level. Many publishers are currently in the review process; however, not all content is subject to review at this time (including review content and practice tests). Publishers that have achieved 100% alignment with the GED® test with at least one of their products will be designated with a GED® Content Aligned logo.