State and Agency Approval

Georgia Approved Universal Reading Screener for the GA Early Literacy Act

GA Dept Ed

Edmentum Exact Path has been approved by the Georgia Department of Education as a K-3 universal reading screener.

Update to GaDOE Universal Reading Screener List

To provide districts with a concise list of the most effective assessment vendors, the GaDOE conducted an independent review of previously approved literacy screeners. As a result, Exact Path remains a GaDOE approved Universal Literacy Screener rated “STRONG”, affirming its status as a high-quality literacy screener.

Universal Reading Screener Approval

The Georgia Early Literacy Act works to ensure all Georgia students read on grade level by the end of third grade. As an approved universal reading screener, Georgia districts and schools can immediately implement Exact Path to screen all students for reading difficulties and dyslexia risk-factors. With Exact Path, teachers can measure each student’s foundational literacy skills and inform reading instruction, identify students with significant reading deficiencies and characteristics of dyslexia, and monitor fluency progress.

Tiered Reading Intervention Plans

In addition to assessing literacy needs, Exact Path automatically provides targeted science of reading based instruction to each student. Exact Path instruction has been proven by three ESSA tier 2 studies to significantly increase reading proficiency, and being evidence-based can be used to provide instruction to struggling students as a part of a tiered reading intervention plan.

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