State and Agency Approval

Iowa Department of Education

IA Dept Ed

Edmentum is approved by the Iowa Department of Education as an approved private provider of online courses after a thorough review of its Courseware program.

Approved courses by the Iowa Department of Education have been through a stringent review process based on (but not limited to) the following considerations:

  • Instructional audience and analysis
  • Course, unit, and lesson design
  • Assessment resources and materials
  • Course architecture
  • Technology requirements and interoperability
  • Data security
  • Instructor certification


Visit the Iowa Department of Education website to view approved online learning providers.

About the Iowa Department of Education

Through leadership and service to the state education system, the Iowa Department of Education works to ensure all students are ready for college and career training and receive the postsecondary support they need to succeed. The Department provides oversight to the state education system that includes public elementary and secondary schools, nonpublic schools that receive state accreditation, area education agencies, community colleges, and teacher preparation programs.