State and Agency Approval

Kentucky Department of Education Early Literacy Universal Screener Approval 2023-2024

KY Dept Ed

Edmentum is pleased to announce that Exact Path’s assessment for reading, is now an approved early literacy universal screener by the Kentucky Department of Education. Exact Path’s reading assessment has achieved approval status starting in the 2023–24 school year for the purposes of the Read to Succeed Act. 

What assessment list is Exact Path approved for? 

Kentucky Approved Early Literacy Screening Assessments have met the Kentucky Department of Education established selection criteria for valid and reliable Universal Screening tools. These assessments provide a standardized way to measure the effectiveness of Tier 1 reading instruction, identify student’s reading proficiency, and fuel data-based decision making within the KyMTSS Framework.

What does this mean for Kentucky school districts?

Districts can administer Exact Path’s reading assessment as their valid and reliable universal screener for reading beginning in the 2023-24 school year.

Exact Path
is a competitive addition to the Kentucky Approved Early Literacy Screening Assessment list as a high-quality, cost-effective, comparatively efficient universal screening option. Additionally, since Exact Path also provides individualized digital instruction based on assessment results, districts may further consider leveraging Exact Path in reading improvement plans for students in need of accelerated interventions.