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Learning List has reviewed Edmentum Courseware and Study Island subject/grade levels. Learning List's alignment reports and reviews empower educators to select standards-aligned instructional materials that best address their students' needs and thus, are likely to help students succeed. The detailed alignment reports help educators develop standards-aligned lesson plans, understand state test results and evaluate program effectiveness.


  • Courseware Chemistry (TEKS)
  • Courseware Economics (TEKS)
  • Courseware Physics (TEKS)
  • Courseware TX Algebra 1
  • Courseware TX Algebra 2
  • Courseware TX Biology (TEKS)
  • Courseware TX English I (TEKS)
  • Courseware TX English II (TEKS)
  • Courseware TX English III (TEKS)
  • Courseware TX English IV (TEKS)
  • Courseware TX Geometry
  • Courseware TX Mathematical Models & Applications
  • Courseware TX US History (TEKS)
  • Courseware US English 10 (CCSS)
  • Courseware US English 11 (CCSS)
  • Courseware US English 12 (CCSS)
  • Courseware US English 9 (CCSS)
  • Courseware US Government (TEKS)
  • Courseware World Geography (TEKS)
  • Courseware World History Survey (TEKS)
  • Study Island ELA Grade 3 (CCSS)
  • Study Island ELA Grade 4 (CCSS)
  • Study Island ELA Grade 5 (CCSS)
  • Study Island ELA Grade 6 (CCSS)
  • Study Island ELA Grade 7 (CCSS)
  • Study Island ELA Grade 8 (CCSS)
  • Study Island Math Grade 3 (CCSS)
  • Study Island Math Grade 3 (TEKS)
  • Study Island Math Grade 4 (TEKS)
  • Study Island Math Grade 5 (TEKS)
  • Study Island Math Grade 6 (TEKS)
  • Study Island Reading Grade 3 (TEKS)
  • Study Island Reading Grade 4 (TEKS)
  • Study Island Reading Grade 5 (TEKS)
  • Study Island Reading Grade 6 (TEKS)
  • Study Island Science Biology (TEKS)
  • Study Island Science Grade 2 (TEKS)
  • Study Island Science Grade 3 (TEKS)
  • Study Island Science Grade 4 (TEKS)
  • Study Island Science Grade 5 (TEKS)
  • Study Island Science Grade 6 (TEKS)
  • Study Island Science Grade 7 (TEKS)
  • Study Island Science Grade 8 (TEKS)
  • Study Island Social Studies Grade 8 (TEKS)
  • Study Island TX Algebra 1 (TEKS)
  • Study Island TX English I (TEKS)
  • Study Island TX English II (TEKS)
  • Study Island TX Language Arts 7 (TEKS)
  • Study Island TX Language Arts 8 (TEKS)
  • Study Island TX Math 7 (TEKS)
  • Study Island TX Math 8 (TEKS)
  • Study Island TX US History (TEKS)
  • Study Island US Algebra 1(CCSS)
  • Study Island US English 9 (CCSS)
  • Study Island US English 10 (CCSS)
  • Study Island US Math 7 (CCSS)
  • Study Island US Math 8 (CCSS)
  • Study Island Writing Grade 4 (TEKS)

About Learning List

Learning List reviews are designed to be concise, to encourage educators to read all three reviews, and to gain a comprehensive understanding of the instruction each material provides. Learning List's three professional reviews provide a multifaceted perspective of each material:

  • Spec Sheet – provides an overview of the material's key instructional features and technology compatibility, including which devices and operating systems the material works on. This review helps educators eliminate from consideration products that clearly will not meet their students' instructional needs or work with the district's technology infrastructure.
  • Alignment Report – reviews the material’s alignment to each state standard and calculates the percentage of standards to which the material is aligned. The alignment report provides important context for the alignment percent, showing (1) which standards each material is and is not aligned to, and (2) which reviewed citations (i.e., pages, lessons, videos) from the publisher's correlation are completely aligned to each standard. Educators can then assess whether the aligned citations meet their students' instructional needs and how to best include them in their instructional cycle.
  • Editorial Review – reviews the quality of the material’s instructional content, including the instructional model and progression, conceptual adherence to the standards, relevance to students' lives, adaptions for different learners, instructional resources for teachers, and ease of use. This review empowers educators to identify the materials that will meet their students' and teachers' needs best.