State and Agency Approval

Mississippi Approved List of Evidence-Based Academic Interventions

MS Dept Ed

Edmentum’s MSCCR-aligned programs Study Island and Exact Path are approved on the Mississippi Department of Education's list of evidence-based academic interventions for use in PreK-12.

Apex Tutorials
is approved for 6-12 concept recovery, Study Island is approved for K-12 math, ELA, social studies and science, and Exact Path is approved for K-12 math, reading, and language arts.

After a review of proposed interventions, the programs were approved based on the following criteria:

  • Offeror Qualifications
  • Special Qualifications
  • Overall Rating
  • Intervention Overview
  • Effective Intervention Practices
  • Intervention Components
  • Developmental Appropriateness
  • Digital Components

The Mississippi Department of Education will ensure that the behavioral and academic needs of every student are met through the instructional model that is designed to address student learning with quality classroom instruction and opportunities for intervention.


For more information, visit the Mississippi Evidence-Based Academic Interventions list.

About the Mississippi Department of Education

The Mississippi Department of Education seeks to create a world-class educational system that gives students the knowledge and skills to be successful in college and in the workforce, and to flourish as parents and citizens. To make this vision a reality, all students must be given multiple pathways to success, and teachers and administrators must continue to meet the challenges of this ever-changing landscape of public education.