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The Montana Office of Public Instruction (OPI) Distance Learning Portal provides K-12 students discounted curriculum with a wide variety of online courses. The Distance Learning approval process assures Edmentum courses are aligned to Common Core State Standards, facilitated by state-certified teachers, and are vetted for quality and rigor. Distance education provides a viable option for instruction and a way to recruit a large population of students that previously may not have had access to online curriculum.

About Montana OPI Distance Learning Portal

Montana welcomes distance learning as a means to improve the state's student learning outcomes. Distance education is a formal learning activity where students and instructors are separated by geography, time, or both, for the majority of the instructional period. Distance learning materials are delivered through a variety of media including, but not limited to: print, videotape or DVD, audio Recordings, broadcasts, computer software, web based programs, and other online technology. Teachers support distance learners through communication via mail, telephone, e-mail or online technologies and software. The state approves curricula based on investigation and data analysis. Programs wishing to develop distance learning courses submit a request to the state agency specifying who is able to develop and teach these courses and provide investigation into how these courses can be approved by the state. For more information visit The Montana Office of Public Instruction (OPI) website.