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National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)

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Edmentum’s fully accredited virtual school, EdOptions Academy, has been granted program approval by the NCAA Eligibility Center to offer nontraditional instruction for student-athletes. By partnering with Edmentum, school districts can use EdOptions Academy as a solution to offer nontraditional instruction to all students – including athletes pursuing a scholarship.

Visit the NCAA Eligibility Center for the most up-to-date list of approved programs. Use code NCAA high school code 850247.

About the National Collegiate Athletic Association

The NCAA Eligibility Center is responsible for determining the eligibility of every college-bound student-athlete in NCAA Divisions I and II, certifying each student's academic and amateur credentials. In order to practice, play and receive an athletics scholarship, students need to meet certain academic benchmarks. An additional certification process exists to make sure the student is still an amateur, which is necessary in order for the student to compete.