State and Agency Approval

New York Approved Student Learning Objective Performance Assessment

NYS Ed Dept

Edmentum Exact Path, our K–12 diagnostic-driven individualized instruction program, is now an approved assessment by the New York State Education Department. Exact Path has achieved approval status for use as a student assessment for teacher and principal evaluation.

NYSED Assessment Approval

Student assessments for educator evaluation are indispensable Student Learning Objective (SLO) tools designed to help teachers and principals advance learning for every student through individualized, clearly defined learning goals and growth measures. All New York educators can now use Exact Path to measure one year’s expected growth for every student and paint a more complete picture of their progress and needs in math, reading, and language arts.

NYSED found Exact Path assessments to be rigorous, aligned to New York State learning standards, and valid and reliable as defined by the Standards of Educational and Psychological Testing.

Accelerate Growth

Exact Path is also an evidence-based intervention. A district or school can choose to implement the Exact Path diagnostic (or integrate NWEA MAP Growth or Renaissance STAR assessment results) with automatically generated diagnostic-driven learning paths for every student. This means each student can receive targeted instruction paced to their needs and aligned to educator goals. Exact Path instruction has been proven by three ESSA tier 2 studies to significantly increase math and reading proficiency, and being evidence-based may be used by CSI and TSI schools to provide academic intervention.

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