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WebbAlign Partner Program

Webb Align

Edmentum is one of the premier participants in the “WebbAlign Depth of Knowledge (DOK) Partner Program developed by Dr. Norman Webb, the creator of the DOK concept. WebbAlign provides an innovative and highly respected approach to ensuring alignment of K–12 standards and assessments.The DOK Partner Program helps partners implement the DOK framework, which facilitates verifiable alignment between standards, curriculum, and assessments. As a result of the partnership, Edmentum is now even better prepared to help educators deliver the right learning and resources to the right students at the right time.

Over 50 Edmentum education professionals completed a one full-day professional development seminar. In addition to the training, the WebbAlign team reviewed and analyzed assessment items to rate their DOK level and to provide feedback on the rigor and alignment of the items. The Edmentum team has used this analysis to revise items and to establish sound guidelines for analyzing rigor and alignment when writing new assessment items.

About the WebbAlign DOK Partner Program

The WebbAlign DOK Partner Program is available to education publishers committed to implementing the Depth of Knowledge framework through an ongoing process guided by Dr. Norman Webb and his team.

Participating partners complete one full-day professional development seminar and one external item review each year. After completing these steps, publishers earn the right to use the WebbAlign DOK Partner Certification Mark on all promotional materials.

Dr. Norman Webb, Sara Christopherson, and the Wisconsin Center for Education Products and Services (WCEPS) created WebbAlign to provide services based on Dr. Webb's Depth of Knowledge Framework and Content Alignment Process. WCEPS disseminates the innovative educational products and services created at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Separate from, but affiliated with, the university, WCEPS extends the impact of the university’s educational innovations to support further research and development.