Efficacy Research

90.3% Graduation Rate Achieved with High-Quality Curriculum and Virtual Instruction

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WEBD 35 002 Graduation Rate Achieved

The impact of Courseware digital curriculum was examined in a mixed methods case study at San Diego Virtual School in Southern California using data from 2018-22. The study focused on a group of 12th-grade students throughout their high school career, combining quantitative data such as successful course completion and graduation rates with qualitative insights from five educator interviews.

The study found that successful course completion rates increased for traditional courses by 11% and for credit recovery courses by 30%. In addition to those successes, the graduation rate for SDVS in 2022 was 90.3%.

Educators at SDVS implemented promising instructional approaches like customizing course scope and sequence and leveraging live progress data to encourage on-time completion to ensure student success.