Efficacy Research

Edmentum Test Packs in Support of ACT Preparation-Oklahoma

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We find medium to large associations between student performance on subject specific Edmentum Test Packs assessments and the ACT providing evidence of predictive validity. Edmentum Test Packs in Support of ACT Preparation are designed to assess and support students in preparation for the ACT. At an Oklahoma school district, Test Packs assessments were widely used by eleventh graders, and given more usage of Test Packs prescriptions in the future, it is possible to investigate the relationship between working on prescription instructional content and performance on the ACT.

High school student scores on state tests are an important part of school accountability under federal and state government. When schools invest in programs like Edmentum Test Packs in Support of ACT Preparation (referred to as Test Packs in this brief for brevity), they want to know that the programs work. At the request of an Oklahoma school district, we examine their students’ use of Test Packs and the relationship between Test Packs assessment and ACT scores in this study.

This Oklahoma school district requested support from the Edmentum research team for this Test Packs research study. As part of Oklahoma’s accountability system, this district administers the College and Career Readiness Assessment (CCRA), which includes the ACT test, every year to students in grades 11. The Oklahoma school district uses Test Packs in Support of ACT Preparation to assess student readiness and guide student preparation for the ACT.