Efficacy Research

Impacts of Study Island on Student Math Achievement on the NWEA™ MAP©

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WEBD 40 ESSA Impacts of Study Island on Student Math Achievement

Century Analytics conducted this research study to provide a rigorous estimate of the impact of Edmentum's Study Island use on student achievement in math for students in grades 2-8. The study compared diverse national samples of users and non-users that have been matched on prior RIT scores and the duration between their fall and winter MAP administrations to establish baseline equivalence.

Results of this study suggest that students who use Study Island and complete at least half of the Study Island math topics available in their grade level will make statistically significant gains in achievement relative to students who do not complete any topics. By completing at least half the Study Island topics during the first half of the year, students are on track to work through all topics by the end of the school year and are thus covering a wide range of standards aligned material that is required for their grade and subject. Students who used Study Island achieved winter MAP scores that ranged from an average of 0.52 points higher for students in 8th grade to 3.28 points higher for students in 2nd grade.