Efficacy Research

Manassas Park City Schools - Apex Learning Implementation Case Study

Full Report
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In late 2020, Apex Learning, Inc. (Apex) partnered with Hanover Research (Hanover) to begin a mixed methods product implementation evaluation. The multi-analysis evaluation aimed to explore district experiences implementing and using Apex products and services within the district-wide virtual and hybrid learning environments that resulted from the global pandemic between spring 2020 and fall 2021. 


This case study report summarizes key findings and potential action items from an analysis of the data provided by Manassas Park City Schools (MPCS). To frame these themes, the sections present a complete picture of the common experiences educators and administrators have with Apex products and services through a four phase lifecycle (i.e., adoption and planning, onboarding and getting started, implementation, and outcomes).


Ultimately, district, school, and classroom staff felt satisfied with Apex’s ability to support students needing to learn under a particularly challenging and irregular instructional climate. As described by focus group and interview participants, Apex provided the virtual platform needed to support students remotely and through a quick transition. Even in a completely virtual environment, Apex helped districts achieve successful results, including pass rates. Further, after teacher-made adjustments, Apex allowed teachers to devote more time to students.