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Opportunity Thrives with High-Quality Digital Curriculum

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Opportunity thrives

Evaluation Criteria for Selecting Digital Curriculum

In today’s knowledge-based society, educators are embracing personalized learning as a way to increase student outcomes and prepare students for success in college and career.

Personalized learning shifts the learning approach from a teacher-driven model, which delivers the same lesson to every student, to a student-centered model, where the content, method, and pace of learning are different for each student based on his or her individual level of readiness. In personalized learning models, teachers identify areas where students need support, determine instructional strategies that work best for each student, and track progress.

The concept of personalized learning is by no means new, but its recent rapid adoption by districts is due in part to new rigorous state standards and to advances in technology platforms. Personalizing the learning experience is made easier through technology, but it’s not just the technology that makes personalized learning effective. Impactful personalized learning requires: establishing a common vision; providing educators with professional learning opportunities to successfully implement personalized learning techniques and technologies; a qualified teacher to guide and support students; and access to high-quality digital curriculum that supports student learning.