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Elgin, Illinois

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Hockey player Salvatore “Sal” Bullaro had worked hard for years with the goal of graduating early from high school. He needed one more required class to meet the Illinois graduation requirement when we was invited to play the 2020-21 season with the with the Islanders Hockey Club in Tyngsborough, Massachusetts.

“The best part of attending ALVS was being able to do the work on my own time. It was getting harder to juggle hockey and classes during traditional school day hours even before I went to Massachusetts.”

Salvatore “Sal” Bullaro, Graduate
Apex Learning Virtual School


After hearing about Apex Learning Virtual School from a friend, Sal discovered that it offered the course he needed to graduate—as well as two other NCAA-approved courses he found interesting. Because he had shifted to online learning in his home school district in the spring of 2020, he felt well prepared for the ALVS experience, and he appreciated the flexibility it offered as he balanced hockey and academics.


Sal wrapped up his ALVS coursework within three months and was able to focus his full attention on completing a successful season with the Islanders. Although he has been accepted to Denver University, he plans to defer college to play one more year of junior hockey and work as an assistant coach to local teams during the hours he would have been spending at high school had he not graduated early.

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