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High Academic Achievement in a Virtual and Blended Learning Environment

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Total Package Hockey Center of Excellence, USA

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Virtual learning has often been branded as a viable learning option for students who have fallen off their graduation path, those living in remote locales, or students with medical conditions. Rarely is it considered to be an option for the highest-performing students in a school. These learners come to school with clear goals and are often supported with resources and relationships to help them accomplish them. They are highly motivated to achieve and prepare for a postsecondary career. 

Over four school years, the TPH and Edmentum partnership has helped student-athletes gain acceptance to the world’s top universities, including Harvard University, Yale University and the University of Notre Dame, as well as prestigious flagship state universities such as Ohio State University, the University of Michigan, and the University of Wisconsin.

Total Package Hockey Center of Excellence, USA


This case study focuses on academic performance data for elite student-athletes enrolling in TPH Center of Excellence, a training academy that prepares students to earn athletic scholarships at top-tier colleges and universities. Since 2017, Edmentum has partnered to help TPH strategically expand its national footprint. Enrollment has grown twelvefold in four years.

Flexible scheduling in Edmentum’s virtual learning program has been key to accommodate the demands of sport-specific training and competition. With regularly scheduled live lessons provided by TPH-focused Edmentum instructors, and consistent, weekly scheduled virtual office hours, TPH students have the ability to set up scheduled times for additional instructional support as needed. This intentional design puts student-athletes in full control of their academics.


Our findings are promising. TPH students’ grade point averages, as well as average SAT and ACT scores, significantly outperform national averages. TPH student-athletes also demonstrate consistently high performance on their courses with an average course grade across core subjects of 90.5 percent. The results are yet another proof point that high-quality, sustainable virtual learning, supported by effective instruction, can create successful student outcomes everywhere learning occurs.

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