Webinar (60 minutes)

Durable Skills: Preparing Students for the Future of Work

WEBD 35 004 Webinars Perspectives on Durable Skills

Guests Tim Taylor, (Co-founder and President of America Succeeds), Tom Burton (Supt. of Princeton City Schools in Ohio) and Dr. Mary Cooke (Director of Curriculum, Assessments, and Grants at Harvard Community Unit School District 50 in Illinois) discuss durable skills, career and technical education.

Durable skills are 7 out of 10 of the most requested job skills and employers seek these skills nearly 4x more frequently than the top five technical or hard skills.
In this webinar, they discuss:

  • ​​How the research in the Durable Skills Report is helping districts transform career pathways;
  • How districts are offering innovative opportunities for students to engage with business partners, and
  • ​How the needs in their local community are served through entrepreneurship---for the benefit of students, employers, and communities.