Recorded Webinar

Improving Growth, Combating & Identifying Skill Gaps and Maximizing Student Success with NWEA® MAP® Growth™ and Edmentum

Schools worldwide approach improving student growth, combating and identifying skill gaps, and maximizing student success differently. Sara Hernandez, Elementary Principal at Dubai Schools Al Barsha in Dubai; Lee Dabagia, Principal at Summit International School in Abu Dhabi; Nina Stanger, Vice Principal at School of Modern Skills in Dubai; and Abderrahim AitBara, Curriculum Coordinator at Kuwait American School in Kuwait, discussed these topics in relation to NWEA® MAP® Growth™ and Edmentum Exact Path in a roundtable event on student success.

During the roundtable session, the speakers discussed their school backgrounds, their approaches to differentiated learning through automatic grouping tools to combat and identify skill gaps, the ways they utilize individual learning pathways for their students to support their growth and student success, and the manners in which they reward their students. This was discussed alongside Edmentum’s K-12 individualized learning program Exact Path, which all the speakers use to support their teaching and learning.