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Feb 28, 2024
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At last, winter is melting away, and spring is just around the corner. There’s always something special about the changing of the seasons, and each of the March holidays certainly provides plenty of opportunities to celebrate with your students.

Our fun Reading Month, Women’s History Month, and spring equinox-themed classroom resource packets are stuffed with fun lessons and activities your elementary students will love, and our new bookmarks and printable Edmentum Brain game are perfect for students at every grade level.

Check out these fun printable and downloadable resources we’ve assembled just for you and your students.

National Reading Month & Read Across America Day

Nothing compares to the splendor of learning to love to read. Whether your students are learning to read or reading to learn, National Reading Month and Read Across America Day on March 2nd provide the perfect opportunity to celebrate the magic of books. It’s also a great time to help your students see the importance of literacy and reading for fun.

Our National Reading Month classroom resources include fact sheets, fun activities, and literacy-themed critical thinking questions to engage your students. And don’t forget to check out a few of our other favorite Reading Month classroom resources:

Edmentum Printable Bookmarks

With the busy educator in mind, we wanted to create a fun and meaningful way to help you encourage reading. These exciting new bookmarks come in three different tracking styles, designed to suit a variety of reading levels. Find which one works best for you and your students.

K-8 National Reading Month Lessons & Activities

Whether you're working with kindergarteners just beginning their reading journey or eighth graders delving into complex texts, there are countless ways to celebrate and promote literacy in your classroom. For National Reading Month, we've curated a selection of engaging lessons and activities from our popular literacy programs, Study Island and Exact Path, designed to build essential literacy skills and foster a lifelong love for reading. Explore suggested lessons, download free resources, and discover how Edmentum can help you boost literacy in your classroom. Dive into the full article here.

Edmentum Brain Game – Reading Comprehension & Famous Authors

The Edmentum Brain Game is a fun, descriptive game that puts an interactive twist on flashcard review by challenging players to describe terms with a partner or group. There are multiple ways to play the game, so your imagination is the limit. Plus, the cards are easy to download and print, so your students can play wherever they are.

We’ve assembled a variety of decks for all grade levels in subjects like:

  • Authors (middle/high school)
  • Animals (elementary)
  • Math terms (elementary)
  • U.S. state capitals
  • U.S. presidents
  • ACT/SAT vocabulary (middle/high school)
30-Day Reading Month Challenges

The 30-Day Reading Month Challenge downloadable includes creative ideas and prompts designed to keep students engaged and inspired as they celebrate all there is to love about reading. With 30 days’ worth of fun activities, facts, and resources, learners will look forward to opening up a book each day and making the most out of National Reading Month.

Download the 30-Day Reading Challenges here.

Celebrate Women’s History Month Alongside Other March Holidays

During Women’s History Month, we celebrate and honor the accomplishments and contributions made by women and the vital role of women in our society, culture, and history. In our Women’s History Month classroom resources, you’ll find activities, critical thinking questions, and lesson plans to help you observe and celebrate women’s history with your students.

Be sure to also check out our blog on extraordinary women who changed education.


Pi Day, celebrated annually on March 14th, pays homage to the mathematical constant π (pi), which represents the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. This special day offers an opportunity for math enthusiasts, educators, and students alike to indulge in the beauty and significance of mathematics. In our article Celebrating Pi Day: Finding Math in the Real World, we explore 10 real-world applications of math that demonstrate its relevance and significance beyond the classroom. Embrace Pi Day as a chance to ignite excitement about math and empower your students to see its impact both in school and beyond.

Even More March Holidays: The Spring Equinox

No matter what Punxsutawney Phil (or any of his descendants) has to say, the spring equinox falls each year between March 19-21 in the Northern Hemisphere, marking the end of winter and the beginning of sunny days and fresh flowers.

To help you celebrate the changing of the seasons, we have prepared a free Spring Equinox Classroom Resource Packet from Edmentum, including fact sheets, critical thinking questions, and a festive classroom poster. And be sure to check out these 4 Fun and Easy Spring Equinox Activities for more ideas on how to say hello to spring with your students.

Interested in exploring more content to celebrate important March holidays and events? Browse Edmentum’s Free Resources page for fun, interactive toolkits, downloadables, activity packets, and more.

This blog was published in March 2021 and has been updated.

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