K-8 National Reading Month Lessons & Activities

Feb 12, 2024
National reading month Edmentum article

March is National Reading Month, which gives educators the opportunity to celebrate all the magic that comes with learning to read.

There’s nothing quite like the delight of reading a good book, except for maybe the joy of teaching your students to love reading. This article shares some easy-to-use printable resources from the literacy portion of our most popular programs, Study Island and Exact Path. Download these free and fun reading resources to build your students' literacy skills and love for reading throughout the month and beyond.

Suggested Lessons and Activities for National Reading Month

Grades K-2

Build the foundation of students' literacy skills with the following lessons and activities:

Exact Path: Kindergarten - Parts of an Informational Book - Lesson Plan and Activities

Exact Path: 1st Grade - Retelling Stories - Lesson and Activities

Exact Path: 2nd Grade - Asking and Answering Questions - Lessons and Activities

Grades 3-6

The following lessons help refine and expand students' literacy skills:

Exact Path: 3rd Grade Reading Literature - Lesson Idea: Main Idea

Exact Path: 4th Grade Language & Vocabulary - Lesson Idea: Context Clues

Exact Path: 5th Grade Reading Literature – Lesson Idea: Theme

Exact Path: 6th Grade Reading Literature – Lesson Idea: Point of View

Study Island: 6th Grade Author Techniques Lesson Plan & Struggling Learner Activity Sheet

Grades 7-8

Assist students in understanding complex texts with the following:

Exact Path: 8th Grade Reading Informational Text – Lesson Idea: Summarizing Information

Study Island: 7th Grade Analogies Lesson Plan & Activity Sheet

Study Island: 8th Grade Poetry Lesson Plan and PowerPoint

Additional Resources for National Reading Month

National Reading Month is the perfect opportunity to nurture both literacy skills and a lifelong love for reading in your students. Celebrate in your classroom with the free National Reading Month Resource Pack to encourage your students to embrace the joy of reading. 

Interested in learning more about how Edmentum can help you boost literacy in your classroom? Contact us to get a quote for Exact Path or Study Island.

This post was originally published February 22, 2019 and has been updated.

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