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Dec 15, 2023
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Uncontrollable events like extreme weather and illness can lead to unexpected school closures. Administrators know that missed days can be detrimental to student learning and state requirements.

Avoid sending everyone into a tailspin by having a proper plan that addresses expectations for remote learning, virtual instruction, and student engagement. Here’s a list of our best resources that help educators and their students seamlessly manage at-home learning on school closure days.

Planning for Remote Learning Days

Administrators should consider the following when creating their remote learning policies.

Eight Elements of Effective Remote Learning Day Plans

Learn more about what remote learning days should look like and follow these tips to ensure that students don't fall behind.

Making the Most of Unexpected School Closures

Keeping students' minds engaged and focused on the curriculum while at home can save a lot of time when school resumes, so it’s worthwhile to have some go-to activities and strategies on hand in the event of a weather closure. Educators can effectively manage school closure days with a little planning and the help of technology. 

Principles of Parents Teaching at Home

The family-school partnership is a critical one, demanding understanding and support from both sides. We share some principles that can help parents support their children while they assume the role of teacher at home.

Prepare for Remote Learning Days Using Edmentum Programs

Edmentum knows that unexpected school closures can cause their fair share of disruption both inside and outside of the classroom. We share how educators can keep their students on track with Edmentum programs when virtual learning days are necessary.

Five Ways Educators Can Use Courseware to Keep Students on Track

See how to use Edmentum Courseware, our program for secondary curriculum, credit recovery, and college and career readiness for grades 6 through adult, on days when students and educators can’t be together in the classroom.

Four Ways to Prepare for Remote Learning in Advance with Exact Path

If your school or district is using Exact Path to power personalized learning, then you know that you already have access to an online program that can be used around the clock from any Internet-enabled device of your students’ choosing. 

Here are a few ways to ensure that your virtual learning days are as thoughtfully organized and successful.

Keeping Students Engaged

It's vital that students feel involved and connected with their teachers and the curriculum when it comes to remote learning. Take a look at a few of our resources on driving engagement when teaching remotely.

K–12 Grade-Specific Worksheet Bundles

Download these free K–12 worksheet bundles for students to take home. These bundles include math, language arts, science, and reading and literacy activities from a variety of our online programs. There are additional printables on our Resources page.

Productivity Hacks for Virtual Learning

We know that you’ve spent countless hours trying to make sure that you’re up to speed and that students know how to use their online programs, but there are other ways that they can set themselves up for success. Take a look at the tips that we’ve gathered from virtual school student pros.

Three Ways to Engage Reserved Students in Remote Learning

Virtual classes can make it more difficult to create a platform for quieter students to contribute. Instead of falling into a trap of calling on a select few who you know will speak up or putting those who are shy at participation on the spot, try some of these tricks to engage some of your more reluctant remote learners.

Eight Ways to Support for ELL Students Virtually

Virtual learning can present additional challenges for schools and educators that want to provide the same level of support they give to their English language learners (ELLs) in person. Here's how educators can serve students on their English learning journey during school closures or remote learning days. 

Looking for more assistance to help you plan for the unexpected? Visit our Planning & Success Toolkit for additional resources. 

This post was originally published November 2019 and has been updated.

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