How to Structure Your TRIO Program for Academic Success

Oct 26, 2023
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Edmentum has been partnering with the Federal TRIO Program for years, and we’ve seen how educators and administrators have used our solutions successfully to structure their programs. Our all-inclusive solutions can be used for tutoring, coaching, and supporting students throughout the learning process.

Late last year, we held a live webinar discussing how to best use Edmentum programs to better support TRIO program students.

Here are the key takeaways from that webinar, now available on demand.

Exact Path

Exact Path continues to be a game-changer.

This K–12, assessment-driven learning path TRIO program helps educators figure out exactly what is missing from a student’s catalog of skills. Even if students require remediation down to the elementary grade level, there are tools in Exact Path that can help teachers instruct, provide opportunities for practice, and assess skill mastery.

Exact Path starts with an adaptive diagnostic test in reading, math, and language arts. The results of the diagnostic auto-generate an individualized learning pathway for each student.

Because students are enrolled by chronological age and grade placement, the system displays a developmentally appropriate interface.

For example, this comes into play when there is a high school student struggling with a third-grade level reading skill. The content the student works on will look age-appropriate, even though the skill is at elementary level.

TRIO Program Courseware

What sets Edmentum apart from other digital curriculum vendors is that everything is rooted in research.

Every course made is done with purpose and rooted in constructivist theory. We strive to make Courseware courses relevant and engaging, and we’re committed to listening to educator feedback on how to improve these courses.

There are three specific courses to highlight that are extremely popular and are used frequently by TRIO program students. They are:

  • Career Explorations – This wide-ranging course can be used as early as middle school and encourages students to research careers that they might enjoy. They’ll be able to ask themselves, “What training and education do I need in this field? Is there a job market ahead of me if I choose this particular path?”
  • Personal Finance – This one is extremely popular. We see a lot of Upward Bound programs that choose to utilize all or parts of this course. Educators say they enjoy being able to customize the course. Teachers are easily able to use the entire course as it is or particular sections as they see fit for classroom needs.
  • Academic Success – This course gives students study and time management skills in addition to psychological coping skills. There is a whole unit on stress, mental health, and self-care. It really is an all-encompassing course that could be a cornerstone of a coaching and mentoring approach to students.

EdOptions Academy

Maybe you have a student who needs a course that you don’t have a teacher for. Or maybe there’s a scheduling conflict that prevents a student from taking a course.

With EdOptions Academy, our fully accredited virtual TRIO program, you can expand learning opportunities for your students by incorporating Edmentum’s curricula with highly qualified online teachers.

Fun stats: Over 65,000 students across the country are using EdOptions Academy courses—primarily high schoolers and middle schoolers. Eighty percent of students who start a course complete their course with a 90-percent passing rate.

Programs like Talent Search and many other TRIO programs may have ample staff, but we love for you to know that, should the opportunity arise where you need a course offering with a state-certified teacher, we can supplement your staff and help.

FEV Tutor

FEV Tutor is our tutoring provider. We’re extremely excited about this partnership because we’re now able to combine our digital curricula and virtual school with FEV Tutor’s live, one-to-one tutoring support available 24/7 to Courseware and EdOptions Academy students.

Tutoring sessions are recorded, giving students an opportunity to review as needed to thoroughly understand content that they’re struggling with.

Schools are loving this new tool, as it supports continuous coaching and mentoring opportunities. Take a look at what online tutoring looks like in action!

Watch our full OnDemand webinar to get an expanded view of the features mentioned above, along with more examples, in-product views, and specific student scenarios.

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