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Reach More Students with Virtual Instruction

Districts that partner with EdOptions Academy retain more students through flexible learning options to accommodate a variety of learning needs and schedules.

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Grades K-12

Core, Advanced, Electives, CTE, World Languages, College and Career Readiness

Aligned to State Standards

Accredited by Cognia™, NCAA® Approved

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“EdOptions Academy provided an impressive array of high-interest, high-quality courses taught by outstanding teachers, allowing us to provide options for students that there is no way we could have offered on our own.”

—Tammy Van Wyhe, Director of Teaching & Learning Support,
Copper River School District, Alaska
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Fully accredited virtual school

Research-based curricula to drive critical thinking and mastery learning

K-5 Curricula

Calvert Learning, Edmentum's K-5 curricula, actively engages students using a project-based learning framework. Courses available include core subjects, art, P.E., and health, and each course incorportates a variety of multimodal learning activities that harness students' natural curiosity to develop a lifelong love of learning.

6-12 Curricula

Courseware, Edmentum's 6-12 currciula, offers a robust collection of standards-based courses that are built using a research-based learning design. With more than 500 courses across core subjects, advanced, electives, CTE, and world languages, students have access to all the courses they need to be ready for the next step.

Support for virtual teachers in your district

Give your teachers the tools and professional learning they need to excel at virtual instruction.

Much like teaching face-to-face, virtual instruction is an art. It takes practice and specialized skills to effectively teach, communicate, and engage through digital channels. The Edmentum Virtual Teacher Mentoring program will prepare your teachers to teach in a virtual classroom through expert coaching by teachers with years of experience in online instruction. The mentoring program will build capacity for virtual learning in your district so that you can offer the online courses your students need and want and provide a valuable opportunity for teachers to learn new skills that will allow them to teach confidently and successfully in a virtual classroom.
Most teachers spend at least 300 hours per year grading outside of the school day; that's more than 90 minutes per day! With Edmentum's grading service, you can lighten the workload for teachers in your district by providing qualified grading assistants to grade the work students complete in Courseware or Calvert Learning. Grading assistants provide detailed, timely, and encouraging written feedback that drives student learning forward and helps inform instruction by the teacher. Empower virtual or classroom teachers to take on more students, spend more time providng small-group or one-on-one instruction, or simply improve work-life balance to improve retention.
A partnership with Edmentum means access to a team of educators and education technology experts committed to making sure that your investment enhances student achievement. Educator training and program setup are a part of the process, but our support doesn't stop there. We also provide classroom coaching, professional learning, and recommendations to reinforce best practices and help educators integrate digital curricula seamlessly into their current instructional actvities.

Complementary instructional services for in-person and virtual classrooms

Supplemental Skill-Based Instruction

Imagine the growth students could make if every classroom had an additional teacher providing pullout instruction targeted to each student's skill gaps. Edmentum's Foundational Skills Instruction service does just that. Certified teachers offer live, virtual math and reading lessons that focus on the key skills that students need to master at each grade level and subject. Lessons and topics are scheduled throughout the school day, so that teachers can select the times that work best for their students to shore up skill gaps and move learning forward.

Individualized Tutoring

Tutoring has been proven to be one of the most transformative and impactful educational intervenetions for K-12 students. In fact, in a recent meta-analysis of several randomized studies, researchers found that the impact of tutoring could be equated to a student advancing from the 50th to nearly the 66th percentile! Edmentum offers customized, one-on-one tutoring through our partnership with FEV Tutor. Through FEV Tutor, students can connect with a dedicated, qualified online tutor for just-in-time support when and where they need it.

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