Senior Leadership

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Senior Leadership

Ryan Hagedorn

Chief Operating Officer

Ryan has been with Edmentum since 2010 and has spent his entire career in education. He began in the organization heading the marketing team, then went on to lead multiple segments of the sales and marketing organization. He was most recently appointed to lead Edmentum's sales, services, and marketing organizations as Chief Operating Officer. In his current role, he focuses on creating an end-to-end customer lifecycle centered on a partnership. Ryan has a proven track record of producing growth, and his career milestones include launching our virtual academy and introducing the Edmentum brand. Ryan has a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Hofstra University.

Why education?

A lifelong learner, Ryan is “amazed at the positive impact technology can have on the learning process.” Growing up, he had a “one size fits all” education experience. School was something he had to do, not something he felt was tailored to his learning style and meant to produce the best possible outcome. That makes him very excited about the future of education and the difference technology can make in reaching every student, wherever they are.

Why Edmentum?

Ryan believes that Edmentum is in the best position to empower educators to leverage technology to truly enhance learning because of how the organization can help educators assess students’ learning levels and help students develop the skills they need to succeed. Ryan is motivated by Edmentum’s ability to make learning more effective today and into the future.

Dave Adams

Chief Academic Officer

Dave started with Edmentum in 1994 as part of PLATO Learning’s acquisition of Lightspan.  Throughout his tenure Dave has led content development including development of Edmentum’s online courses solution; development of the assessment products; and the ongoing innovation of online curriculum.  Establishing an evaluation and efficacy program to measure the effectiveness of educational solutions, Edmentum can now measure the impact on student learning. Dave has also led Professional Services, Training and Implementation solutions and most recently runs Edmentum’s virtual school, EdOptions Academy.

Why education?

“I have dedicated my career to education, developing innovative solutions for teaching and learning for over 20 years.”  A central goal to Dave’s career has been to help drive the transformation from a traditional one-size-fits-all education to a new 21st century paradigm where technology is central to how we accelerate teaching and learning and differentiate education for all students.

Why Edmentum?

“Our people, our culture, and our customers all share the same driving passion for helping all students learn and succeed.”  Edmentum is dedicated to helping all students succeed through innovative online technology and curriculum solutions. 

Paul Johansen

Chief Technology Officer

Paul began at Edmentum as Chief Architect in December 2009, overseeing all software development, architecture and data center operations. During this time he led a team in launching the company’s first SaaS offering allowing development to expand and progress its ability to react to the needs of today’s ever changing educational landscape. Paul joined the Edmentum executive leadership team in early 2012 taking on the role of Chief Technology Officer as the company turned the corner to broaden its offerings with the Archipelago Learning acquisition.

Why education?

“The combination of technology and education is incredibly inspiring to me and I feel fortunate to be part of the evolution we are currently seeing in how we teach and learn.”  With raising young children in a technology savvy home, Paul is immersed in and encouraged by how technology can change the way students learn.

Why Edmentum?

“Edmentum is the perfect size, perfect balance, and perfect company.” Edmentum is the perfect size for Paul and his dedicated team. It is small enough to accomplish projects efficiently, yet big enough to make the necessary investments needed to do it right. Edmentum is the perfect balance of great people who work hard and like to have fun, smart leaders who lead with purpose, and an organization built on efficiencies that continues to grow and thrive.

Marcus Lingenfelter

Senior Vice President, Strategic Initiatives & Partnerships

Marcus joined Edmentum in 2018 as Senior Vice President, Strategic Initiatives & Partnerships. Marcus previously served as Senior Vice President of advancement for the National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI) – the non-profit established for the purpose of dramatically improving math and science educational outcomes for the country. Additionally he served two international educational associations: The College Board and the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE). Marcus has two decades of administrative experience in postsecondary education including campus roles at the University of Virginia and Penn State University along with cabinet-level positions at Widener University and Harrisburg University of Science and Technology.

Marcus’ non-profit and governmental board experience includes current service as Vice Chairman of the East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania Council of Trustees, as well as past president and current executive committee member of the Pennsylvania Association of Councils of Trustees (PACT). Previously he served on the boards of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education Foundation, East Stroudsburg University Alumni Association, Leadership Philadelphia, Delaware County Historical Society, and Chester Housing Authority. A native of Pennsylvania, Marcus enlisted in the United States Marine Corps after high school and later went on to earn a B.S. with honors from East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania. He also earned a M.Ed. and completed all doctoral coursework in higher education from The Pennsylvania State University, as well as the Harvard Institute for Educational Management (IEM).

Why education?

“I consider education to be essential to solving the world's most intractable challenges. Education is also the fundamental element critical to individual and community prosperity. Having personally experienced the transformative and sustained impact of education, I have dedicated myself and my professional career to realizing universal, lifelong, high quality educational opportunities and successful outcomes."

Why Edmentum?

“When faced with significant challenges, one always wants the most superior capabilities available to successfully and overwhelming succeed. As America's original distance learning platform (PLATO) that has evolved into a 21st century organization with the programs and platforms to measurably improve teaching and learning, Edmentum has those superior capabilities. I came to Edmentum to help deploy those programs, positively impact student learning outcomes, and in the solve the world's most intractable challenges.”

Karen Barton, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President, Research & Design

Karen joins Edmentum as the Senior Vice President of Research and Design. Karen brings passion for and experience in empowering educators and all of their learners through digital innovations in teaching and learning, and in content and embedded assessments that are designed to reach learners regardless of ability and need, school type, or placement. Karen started her career as a special education teacher and has more than 20 years of experience in education, psychometrics, and research, contributing to the field on topics such as validity and accessibility, evidence based test development, scoring, scaling, reporting, learning progressions and analytics. Prior to joining Edmentum, Karen served Vice President of Learning Analytics at Discovery Education and most recently as Vice President of Assessment Solutions at NWEA. She was a Principal Research Scientist and Senior Manager, leading psychometrics for numerous large-scale testing programs, responsible for the defensibility and quality of assessment content, designs, and results.

Why education?

Karen enjoys being a lifelong learner, teacher, and mentor. From her early teens, Karen has worked with children and adults with hearing and visual impairments, and with social, emotional, and behavioral challenges. As a special education teacher, Karen’s passion for equitable education and accountability for all learners led her to a career in psychometrics with a focus on accessibility and validity in assessments. Throughout her career, she has had the privilege of learning from many people in the field of assessment and psychometrics; however, it’s the invaluable interactions with inspiring students who face daunting life challenges every day that most inspire Karen to empower educators to serve and ensure the success of each of their learners.

Why Edmentum?

Edmentum squarely aligns with Karen’s passion for the intersection of instruction and learning, of content and assessment, and the potential for digital innovations to bring equity in education. Edmentum is committed to empower educators, to reach students in multiple educational environments, settings, and walks of life, to provide opportunities for students in college AND career paths, and truly personalize and ensure success for all students.

Christy Spivey

Vice President, Academy Operations

Christy has been with Edmentum since 2001. She is a former English language arts teacher for secondary and postsecondary institutions. During her time at Edmentum, Christy has served in a variety of roles within the organization that focus on Edmentum’s curriculum development strategy, and was most recently appointed Edmentum’s Vice President of Curriculum & Assessment Development. Overall, she has spent over 17 years supporting students and teachers in the field of education. Her experiences have allowed her to bring educational and business expertise together to lead an amazing team of curriculum and design experts who develop online courses, assessments, and other digital age learning products. Christy holds a BA in English from the University of West Georgia and an MA in English from East Tennessee State University.

Why education?

From a very young age, Christy wanted to be a teacher. “School was always a place that I looked forward to going to and loved every minute of my learning. I even had a chalk board when I was 4 years old and would setup my ‘class’ and teach to anyone who would listen.” Working in education made sense because it matched Christy’s passion for learning with making a difference. Christy has dedicated her career to educating and developing programs that make a difference in students’ lives.

Why Edmentum?

“For 17 years, I’ve gotten up every morning excited to see what great things will happen each day at Edmentum. The culture and people make me strive to be better and more curious every day.” Christy believes that Edmentum has the ability to make a difference and change the world by using technology to bring education to children wherever they live. Education is the great equalizer and brings hope and positivity for the future. Students need education, hope and positive experiences to help solve tomorrow’s problems. Christy is very excited that Edmentum has the opportunity to bring access and equity to education around the globe.

Lynelle Morgenthaler

Vice President, Learning Design

Lynelle Morgenthaler joined Edmentum as Vice President, Learning Design in April 2019. She brings a successful track record of bridging educational research into winning product design. Her passion for enabling educators to embrace innovative instructional practices to improve student outcomes shows in everything she does. She has a deep respect for educators that leads her to meet practitioners where they are in order to find the best way to contribute to accessible educational change. Her previous executive positions include CEO at EDEPT consulting, VP Content Development at Compass Learning, VP Product Development at Harcourt Achieve, EVP Digital and Print Content at QBS Learning, and VP Product Leader at Hispanic Telecommunication Network. She has led the development of digital, supplemental, and core programs across diverse subject areas, with a particular focus on reaching disenfranchised learners.

Lynelle holds a B.A. with Honors from Swarthmore College and a Master of Arts in Education & Linguistics from the University of Pennsylvania. She has taught adult ESL, PreK, and K as well as had responsibility for research on Chicago Public Schools State PreK and Title 1 Kindergarten programs in the Department of Research and Evaluation.

Why education?

"I’ve always felt called to improve the lives of children. I can’t think of a more tangible way to do that than devoting my life to students and the educators who serve them.” In addition to a focus on innovative instructional design, Lynelle is drawn to solving the problem of merging digital instruction into the core of a student’s day, seamlessly integrating digital and face-to-face interactions in a way that reflects the lives of 21st-century learners. Her dream is to be at the forefront of creating blended learning offerings in a way that honors what educators know and do well.

Why Edmentum?

“The people and the passion. The integrity and commitment to doing the right thing at Edmentum really stood out to me. We don’t simply want to win; we want to serve.” Edmentum’s #EducatorFirst initiative is a great example of hearts and minds working on the right problems and the right way to solve them.

Marty Thomas

Vice President, Professional Services

Marty Thomas joined Edmentum as the Vice President of Professional Services in April 2018. Marty began her career as an elementary teacher and school administrator. Marty has an extensive background leading professional services teams, and she brings deep experience partnering with K-12 school districts to implement instructional technology tools. Marty and her team are focused on implementing Edmentum solutions to delight customers, amplify product adoption and enable successful student outcomes. Prior to joining Edmentum, Marty served as the Vice President of Education Solutions at Schoolnet and the Director of State Implementation Services at Pearson. Marty’s most recent role was Vice President of Partner Support at Ellevation Education. Marty holds an M.Ed. in Educational Administration and a B.S. in Elementary Education.

Why education?

Marty comes from a family of educators. Her Mother was a first grade teacher for over 30 years. Marty saw first-hand the positive impact her Mother had on students’ lives and how that impact often extended well beyond the classroom. Her Mother’s example inspired Marty’s desire to make a difference and her decision to become a teacher.

Why Edmentum?

“I am excited about the opportunity we have to positively impact teaching and learning. I remember the challenges that I faced as an educator, and I believe that Edmentum’s instructional solutions can help to level the education playing field and increase student outcomes.”

Richard Whalley

Managing Director

Richard began with EducationCity in 2010 and has taken great pride in continuing the growth of the product both in the UK and US and is particularly proud of the increasing international reach beyond these two key territories. This manifests itself not only in the performance but was externally recognized by an award in 2012 for “Exporter of the Year” at the UK’s premier education event BETT. Joining the Edmentum Executive Leadership Team in May 2012 was a significant personal career milestone and has enabled Richard and his team to further push the opportunity for growth for EducationCity worldwide.

Why education?

“Education is such a fulfilling market as we are undoubtedly helping the development of young minds and assisting teaching professionals to provide even greater levels of achievement in traditional and new subject areas.“

Why Edmentum?

“The passion, commitment and professionalism of all teams throughout this organization and the continued amazing feedback we get from our educator customers make coming to work a real pleasure.” Richard is particularly touched by the reaction and learning of students that he regularly witnesses which makes what he does so worthwhile. The diverse Edmentum product range, with solutions for all age groups and scenarios, backed by continuous development and progression of these products makes Edmentum truly stand apart.



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