Florida Algebra 1 A/B

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Florida Algebra 1 A/B

Florida Algebra 1 A/B is a two semester course that is designed to improve and assess the students’ mathematical skills. It includes lessons that focus on the graphical representation of linear and nonlinear relationships. Students will learn to create, graph, and solve linear and exponential equations and inequalities. They will use function notation to describe relationships between quantities and interpret function notation accurately to solve problems. Students will study the transformations of linear and exponential functions. Apart from this, the course also covers lesson in which they will create, graph, and solve quadratic equations and inequalities in one or two variables. Students will learn to add, subtract, and multiply linear and quadratic polynomials. At the end of this course, they will interpret, analyze, and build functions. Online discussions, course activities, and unit activities require students to develop and apply critical thinking skills.

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