Mathematics of Personal Finance (Apex)

Mathematics of Personal Finance focuses on real-world financial literacy, personal finance, and business subjects. Students apply what they learned in Algebra I and Geometry to topics including personal income, taxes, checking and savings accounts, credit, loans and payments, car leasing and purchasing, home mortgages, stocks, insurance, and retirement planning.

Students then extend their investigations using more advanced mathematics, such as systems of equations (when studying cost and profit issues) and exponential functions (when calculating interest problems). To assist students for whom language presents a barrier to learning or who are not reading at grade level, Mathematics of Personal Finance includes audio resources in both Spanish and English.

This course is built to state standards as they apply to mathematics of personal finance and adheres to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics' (NCTM) problem solving, communication, reasoning, and mathematical connections process standards.

This updated course was originally created for Apex Courses and is now available in Courseware.