Washington Contemporary World Problems (Apex)

Washington Contemporary World Problems introduces students to social, political, economic, and environmental challenges facing the world today. Students explore economic systems, human rights, global conflicts, environmental issues, human health concerns, and the United States' position in the world. Students also study the history of Washington's Indigenous populations, current economic and environmental concerns facing Indigenous groups, and the relationship between federal, state, and tribal governments within the state. 

Through critical reading activities, feedback-rich instruction, and application-oriented assignments, students develop their capacity to conduct research, analyze sources, make arguments, and take informed action. In written assignments and projects, students address critical questions about the history of the modern era. In discussion activities, students respond to diverse opinions, take positions, and defend their own claims. Formative and summative assessments provide students — and teachers — with ample opportunities to check in, review, and evaluate students' progress in the course. 

This course aligns to the Washington State K-12 Learning Standards for Social Studies.

This updated course was originally created for Apex Courses and is now available in Courseware.