State and Agency Approvals

Ohio Department of Education High-Quality Tutoring Program Approval


Edmentum’s Targeted Skills Instruction is approved by the Ohio Department of Education and Workforce as a high-quality tutoring program and is listed in the Approved Vendor Directory.

The Ohio Department of Education and Workforce has determined Targeted Skills Instruction to be a high-quality and comprehensive tutoring program to accelerate learning for students in the areas of English Language arts, mathematics science and social studies. This approval ensures our solution includes the six key components of High-Quality Tutoring:

Use of high-quality instructional materials: Our curriculum aligns to the Ohio Academic Learning Standards for all core subjects. Exact Path provides K-12 diagnostic-driven instruction across math, reading, and language arts and Study Island offers K-12 standards-driven practice and formative assessment across ELA, math, science, and social studies.

Instruction aligned with research on effective teaching and learning: We coach our partners on research-based best practices, as outlined by Accelerate—a national nonprofit organization supporting high-dosage tutoring research.

Integration of high-dosage tutoring practices: Edmentum offers high-dosage tutoring with three or more sessions per week at 20-40 minutes in length with a max student-to-teacher ratio of 4:1.

Use of data-driven instruction: Our educators monitor student performance on formative assessments using Exact Path’s robust reports, providing targeted data to inform tutoring plans aligned with individual student needs.

Hiring quality tutors: Edmentum employs qualified educators with content knowledge, bachelor’s degrees, classroom experience, strong communication skills, and a passion for student success.

Demonstrated effectiveness: Both Edmentum curriculum programs, Exact Path and Study Island, have achieved ESSA Tier 2 evidence for their ability to accelerate academic achievement.