Edmentum Announces New Technical Advisory Committee in Partnership with the University of Kansas and Distinguished Educational Researchers

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Edmentum Announces New Technical Advisory Committee in Partnership with the University of Kansas and Distinguished Educational Researchers

Edmentum partners with KU’s CAARD to form a TAC focused on digital curriculum, online diagnostic assessment, formative strategies, and next-generation personalized learning research and practices

November 30, 2017 - Minneapolis

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Edmentum, a leading provider of web-based learning solutions, announces the launch of a new Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) in partnership with the University of Kansas (KU) Center for Assessment and Accountability Research and Design (CAARD).

Committee members include:

  • Marianne Perie, PhD – University of Kansas, CAARD Director (TAC Chair)
  • Carole Gallagher, PhD – WestEd, former Standards, Assessment, and Accountability Services (SAAS) Director of Research
  • Gerunda Hughes, PhD – Howard University, Professor of Mathematics Education
  • James W. Pellegrino, PhD – University of Illinois at Chicago, Liberal Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor and Co-Director of the Learning Sciences Research Institute
  • Suzanne Lane, PhD – University of Pittsburgh, Professor in the Research Methodology Program
  • Lawrence Rudner, PhD – Independent Assessment Consultant and Psychometrician

This group of renowned education experts, authors, psychometricians, and thought leaders will provide educational leadership that supports Edmentum’s continuous commitment to quality improvement, innovation, and growth. These individuals represent a broad range of educational expertise in fields like reading, math, and science instruction; computer adaptive testing; measurement models; data analysis; accountability; reporting; and assessment design.

“We are focused on ensuring that all students have access to the highest-quality, research-backed personalized curriculum and classroom assessments,” said Jamie Candee, Edmentum chief executive officer. “Initiating a TAC, under the leadership of our chair, Dr. Perie, reinforces our commitment to equity, innovation, and validity, as well as delivers research-based programs that are aligned to our ‘educator-first’ commitment of empowering every educator across the country to meet the unique learning needs of each student.”

The KU Center for Assessment and Accountability Research and Design, led by Dr. Marianne Perie, conducts research to improve assessment and accountability systems and applies those findings to assist states in designing effective systems. Edmentum provides integrated digital curriculum and adaptive assessment to nearly 8,000 school districts in the U.S. and globally. “Together with this extraordinary group of education leaders and Edmentum’s online educational programming, we are uniquely positioned to help educators break down traditional barriers and raise the bar on achievement for all students,” said Candee.

As leaders in education research, the Technical Advisory Committee will provide educational leadership that will help guide the future innovation of digital assessment and curriculum at Edmentum. “I am very excited to partner with and provide meaningful guidance to the future of Edmentum’s programs,” said Perie. “This committee brings together a wide range of experiences and represents a broad range of backgrounds in assessment, instruction, and technology. Our goal is to help ensure that students receive equitable opportunities to achieve success through the tools that their schools and districts have implemented.”

For more information on the Technical Advisory Committee, please visit https://www.edmentum.com/about/technical-advisory-committee