Edmentum Enhances Higher Ed Portfolio for Greater Individualized Learning

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Edmentum Enhances Higher Ed Portfolio for Greater Individualized Learning

Content modularization provides improved course customization to target specific student needs in or out of the college classroom

Edmentum, a leading provider of online learning solutions, has enhanced its Higher Ed courseware – which consists of nearly 100 reading, writing and mathematics units – with improved content modularization to enable greater learning customization at the college level.

The enhanced higher education solution allows instructors and support centers to quickly search and gather content from nearly 100 reading, writing and mathematics units in the Edmentum Higher Ed portfolio. With the enhanced offering, instructors and faculty can quickly search Edmentum Higher Ed content by instructional objective or subject area to create “mini” courses customized, targeted and positioned for student and instructional needs.

“The Edmentum Higher Ed learning tools are developed with the post-secondary student in mind and also easy for faculty to customize,” said Ginny Steele, product manager for Edmentum College & Career. “Now, students can access learning tools for specific content areas, so they can improve where needed and bypass content that they’ve already mastered. Whether students are struggling in a specific content area or are on a very-defined career track, Edmentum Higher Ed provides a highly customizable learning experience for success.”

The enhanced Edmentum Higher Ed learning solution includes added benefits to multiple areas of higher education, including:

  • Developmental education: Colleges increasingly are assessing students to identify skills or content areas that they’ve yet to master. Edmentum Higher Ed can be used to customize courses and instruction to address these areas of deficit.
  • Support centers: Instructors who have identified students’ skills gaps can now refer students to support centers to focus on mastering those specific skills with Edmentum Higher Ed’s targeted content.
  • Vocational schools: Instructors can now pinpoint the specific skills students need to learn for specific vocational careers, and can create customized courses with them.

The enhanced Edmentum Higher Ed learning solution with modularized and searchable content is now available. For more information, visit www.edmentum.com/products-services/college-career or call 800.447.5286.

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