Edmentum Exact Path Supports Student Growth at Frank F. Garside Junior High School

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Edmentum Exact Path Supports Student Growth at Frank F. Garside Junior High School

Students realizing thrilling academic growth in reading, language arts, and math

April 11, 2018 - Minneapolis

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Frank F. Garside Junior High School in Las Vegas, Nevada will be hosting a seminar with Edmentum, a global education leader and the original pioneer in online teaching and learning programs, to showcase the academic growth their students have experienced using Edmentum Exact Path. The school uses the program to individualize learning and support intervention and enrichment opportunities for students.

Edmentum Exact Path is an individualized learning program that utilizes adaptive diagnostic assessments paired with targeted student learning paths to support a personalized approach to instruction across reading, language arts, and math. Early research confirms that when learning paths are used in focused sessions of just 20 minutes per week, per subject, students’ outcomes significantly increase.

Garside Junior High’s data from the 2017-18 school year shows a positive trend between their diagnostic assessments performance growth scores, which were taken approximately 12 weeks apart. In math, the amount of students working on below grade level curriculum decreased by 12.5% or 111 students between diagnostic 1 and 2. In reading, the amount of students working on above grade level material increased 8% or 101 students between the same diagnostic period.

“The success realized by the staff and students at Garside Junior High School is exciting and a testament to the deep commitment of Garside educators. Students are seeing growth and educators have more time to provide individualized instruction,” said Jamie Candee, chief executive officer. “Exact Path elegantly determines a student’s learning ability and personalizes the learning journey to most effectively support continuous growth..  Our deep appreciation to the school leadership and educators for their ongoing commitment to student growth, innovation in their classrooms, and meaningful partnerships."

Edmentum is proud to support outstanding schools for their inventive and effective uses of Edmentum learning solutions. The event will occur at 12:30 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time on April 12, 2018 at Garside Junior High: 300 S. Torrey Pines Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89107. For more details and to register for the event, click here.


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