Edmentum Expands Plato Courseware Curriculum With 30 New Courses

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Edmentum Expands Plato Courseware Curriculum With 30 New Courses

New semesters provide more options and increased uses of standards-based online curriculum in a learning environment

April 8, 2013 - Minneapolis

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Edmentum, a leading provider of online learning solutions, today announced the availability of 30 new semesters of its Plato Courseware standards-based online curriculum. With the addition of these 30 new semesters, Edmentum has increased its entire Plato Courseware secondary library by 17 percent and its individual middle school and high school libraries by 30 percent. Across all 8-12 grade curriculum, Edmentum now offers 179 semesters of Plato Courseware content.

Educators can customize the Plato Courseware curriculum to their own needs. Not only does this ensure educators meet state and Common Core standards, but it also ensures a deep alignment to their district-required objective. The program is highly flexible can be implemented in in a lab setting, virtual experience or through a blended learning environment that incorporates a combination of online and traditional classroom courses. Educational experts from Edmentum also help with training for the programs, as well as the implementation of programs specific to each classroom.

“As today’s learning environment evolves, teachers and administrators continue to look for the best approaches to raise learner achievement,” said Andrew Plackner, senior product manager, Edmentum. “The addition of 30 new semesters into our Plato Courseware curriculum provides schools and districts with improved flexibility, so they can incorporate the tools that best fit their needs and ultimately help improve learner achievement.

The new courses are now available. For more information, visit edmentum.com or call 800.447.5286.

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