Study Island and NWEA™ Partner to Drive Student Success

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Study Island and NWEA™ Partner to Drive Student Success

New Measure of Academic Progress (MAP®) solution for Study Island and NWEA customers enables individual performance monitoring and targeted response

January 7, 2013 - Dallas

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Kevin Briody

Edmentum™, a leading provider of online learning solutions, has released Study Island NWEA™ MAP® Link, a new fully integrated solution that uses a student’s Measure of Academic Progress (MAP®) assessment results to create an individualized learning path, delivered through the Study Island program. Study Island and NWEA customers can now easily pinpoint academic strengths and weaknesses through their NWEA MAP test results, and then automatically target those areas with Study Island’s standards-based content.

“This partnership allows educators and parents to monitor individual student performance to ensure resources are directed to each student’s zone of proximal development,” said Matt Chapman, president and CEO of NWEA. “This integration optimizes the learning experience for the student, while also allowing educators to respond immediately with targeted instruction based upon the results of the MAP assessments.”

Following a four-month pilot with districts in Arizona and Kentucky in 2012, the new program has officially launched to schools and districts throughout the United States for grades three through eight, in math and reading.

“We are very excited about this new partnership,” said Mark Caulfield, Study Island Product Manager for Edmentum. “Educators will have a highly individualized assessment tool that quickly identifies student-unique learning needs, monitors their progress and assign content based on those results.”

The Study Island NWEA MAP Link will be available, at an additional cost, to any school or district that uses both MAP assessments and the Study Island program.

Edmentum also will be demonstrating the new program at the Florida Educational Technology Conference 2013 (booth #315), Jan. 28-31 in Orlando, Fla., and at the Texas Computer Education Association 2013 Convention & Exposition (#1617), Feb. 6-8 in Austin, Texas.

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