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ESL ReadingSmart

ESL ReadingSmart

How do you support the diverse needs of your emergent-through-advanced English language learners (ELLs)? ESL ReadingSmart promotes English-language acquisition and academic success for 4th grade through adult ELLs. With its diagnostic capabilities, student-centered activities, and supplemental teacher resources, students receive an individualized learning experience tailored to their abilities.

Interested in implementing ESL ReadingSmart for your school? We can help.

Access powerful curriculum

Content is built to meet strict English-language acquisition expectations and state-standard alignments. Learning modules:

  • Support all four modalities of language learning: listening, speaking, reading, and writing
  • Offer content for newcomers, beginners, intermediates, early advanced, and advanced ELLs
  • Provide curriculum that has been awarded a complete WIDA PRIME V2 correlation
  • Correlate content to TESOL, CCSS, Texas, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, New York, and Ohio standards
  • Deliver rich lessons that integrate vocabulary, reading comprehension, grammar activities, and writing opportunities

Support individualized learning experiences

Each student’s level of language acquisition is met with meaningful curriculum selected to help accelerate learning. By using ESL ReadingSmart, students can:

  • Begin with an initial placement test that directs them to an individualized lesson path
  • Work on basic vocabulary and sentence structure in a Newcomers section, designed specifically for emergent ELLs
  • Explore the Lexile®-measured reading program that incorporates high-interest selections across many cultural traditions
  • Continually assess their progress through Achievement Tests delivered after every 10 lessons
  • Access real-time support, including text read aloud, an online translator that supports 37 languages, immediate feedback, and a recording tool

Empower educators with tools to inform instruction

Teacher reports and supplemental resources allow educators to reflect on student progress and take action using appropriately aligned materials. Make the most out of these educator tools, which allow you to:

  • Report on Lexile® and grade-level gains for individuals, classes, schools, and districts
  • Monitor lesson activity, student placement, and test scores for classes and individual students
  • Access districtwide reports to measure progress and identify learning trends
  • Schedule Achievement Tests to monitor performance at specified learning milestones
  • Differentiate instruction with printable activities and lesson plans tied to each student lesson

Accelerate learning with a flexible approach

ESL ReadingSmart is designed to support the diverse needs of your ELLs to help educators overcome the challenges of teaching in multilevel classrooms. With this flexible solution, you can:

  • Utilize it as a student-centered, standalone application for independent language acquisition
  • Leverage it in a larger, whole-class blended-learning model, incorporating both direct instruction and individualized learning
  • Integrate it for intervention or acceleration in after-school programs

Develop reading skills for college and career success

ReadingMate is a web-based, reading intervention program included in your ESL ReadingSmart subscription designed to help 4th through 12th grade students attain necessary literacy skills to read at grade level. ReadingMate will:

  • Promote reading proficiency for all student populations (not exclusive to ELLs) in need of additional literacy support
  • Direct students to an individualized lesson path following a short placement test
  • Offer learners the opportunity to read and comprehend Lexile®-measured texts from different cultural traditions and time periods
  • Provide ongoing progress monitoring of standards-based skills, vocabulary development, and reading comprehension
  • Support both individualized online implementation and educator-driven intervention

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