Certica Solutions iNACOL Review - Exact Path

Certica Solutions iNACOL Review

Following a thorough 3rd party review conducted by Certica Solutions, Exact Path received excellent ratings against the International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL) standards. Subject matter experts confirmed that Exact Path’s Reading, Language Arts, and Math curriculum met 50 of the 52 iNACOL standards which represent five primary areas: online content, instructional design, student assessment, technology, and course evaluation and support. As internationally accepted quality guidelines for online and blended learning programs, this review represents Exact Path’s ability to ensure a high-quality educational experience for all students.


View the report from Certica Solutions of Exact Path’s iNACOL alignment coverage.

About Certica Solutions

Certica Solutions is the premier provider of standards data services, tools and alignment services to the K-12 education industry. For the past ten years, the businesses of education have relied on Certica Solutions to meaningfully describe and connect learning objectives, education frameworks, and learning resources to build quality products and meet district and state compliance requirements.
Certica Solutions consists of:

  • The market’s most comprehensive standards collection maintaining over 3 million domestic and international academic standards including K-12, Career & Technical Education, and early learning.
  • Tool sets and web services to cost-effectively establish and maintain quality content alignments and descriptive resource profiles.
  • Consultation and Research Services delivered by K-12 Subject Matter Experts with knowledge of market trends, demands, and changes.

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