Montana Bonded Textbook List

Montana Bonded Textbook List

Edmentum Courseware is approved by the Montana Office of Public Instruction as a bonded textbook provider.


Download a printable list of Edmentum's approved courses through the Montana Office of Public Instruction.

About the Montana Office of Public Instruction

The Office of Public Instruction is one of Montana's five constitutionally recognized offices headed by a statewide elected official. Every four years, Montanans elect a Superintendent of Public Instruction to manage the OPI. The OPI serves as Montana's state education agency. Montana is a local control in education state so much of the decision-making in education happens in our state's over 400 local school districts by a locally elected board of trustees. The OPI exists to serve students, parents, and local schools. 


toll-free: 800.447.5286


5600 West 83rd Street

Suite 300, 8200 Tower

Bloomington, MN 55437

2425 N Central Expressway

Suite 1000

Richardson, TX 75080

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