Provide a balanced assessment system for data-driven decision making

A comprehensive and balanced assessment system supplies educators with the right information to inform instruction.

With a system of formal and informal diagnostic, formative, and summative assessments, teachers have on-going, meaningful data about each student that they can use to deliver appropriate instruction.

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Diagnostic assessments provide a snapshot of what students know and can do, and they help create personalized roadmaps for learning. When diagnostic tests are immediately actionable with aligned instruction, there is a seamless path to learning that can save teachers time and effort. With the valid and reliable Exact Path adaptive diagnostic assessments, it’s easy to pinpoint students’ precise learning gaps, measure growth over time, and guide a plan for academic growth. And Tutorials pretests diagnose student needs at the topic level to identify prerequisite skill gaps and fill them.

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“[Teachers] were able to streamline what they were doing in a way that…enhanced the teacher’s planning time, made it easier for them to differentiate, and then let the students practice exact skills”

Principal, Demorest Elementary, GA




Reading and math state test scores that exceed the state average


Benchmark tests check student progress against state standards and test objectives. They prepare students for the content and item types they experience on high-stakes assessments. With the Study Island and Exact Path benchmark tests, which are based on state test blueprints, teachers have a yardstick with which they can assess test readiness for the very tests for which they and students are held accountable.

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Curriculum-embedded formative assessment provides teachers with insight into student performance, and it provides students with feedback for improving their learning. Formative assessment is woven into Edmentum curriculum at frequent intervals and includes non-scored feedback, checks for understanding, teacher-graded activities and assignments, quizzes, unit tests, and other performance measures.

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Four levels of Webb's Depth of Knowledge

Edmentum subject matter experts and content developers are immersed in Webb’s Depth of Knowledge (DOK) framework.