Digital Core Curriculum

Digital Core Curriculum

Provide high-quality K-12 core curriculum for virtual and blended learning

The benefits of using a digital curriculum for core instruction are many: it’s flexible, customizable, easily personalized, provides on-demand scaffolds and supports, and presents instruction in formats that address a variety of learning preferences.

It also prepares students for the digital world in which they will learn, work, and live. Edmentum digital curriculum—rooted in a rich base of instructional research and evidence of effectiveness—includes robust, K-12 resources that teachers can use as the foundation of their classes or in blended learning models to ensure students master grade-level and course standards.

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Good instruction is just good instruction

Digital resources play an increasing role in student learning, so you and your students deserve first-class instruction in their technology-enhanced learning experiences too. Our core curriculum is developed by educators, based on leading instructional research and pedagogy, and is vetted for its alignment with standards, resulting in highly effective lessons and courses for K-12 students.

Flexible to match your needs

Edmentum curriculum is not one-size-fits all; it’s flexible so each district and teacher can adapt its use for the needs of their programs, classrooms, and students.

Just-in-time feedback for continuous insight

The teacher relationship is the most valuable part of a student’s educational experience. That’s why we build our digital core curriculum with accessible and easy-to-use gradebooks, reports, and dashboard that provide an ongoing stream of data about student progress and achievement toward learning goals and state standards proficiency.

Solutions that Work

Educators across the country trust Edmentum to provide core curriculum solutions for their students and have evidence that their students succeed.

Learn more about the impact of Edmentum core curriculum.

First-time Credit

Digital core curriculum can supplement classroom instruction or provide a full-credit option that allows students to learn at the pace, place, and time that works best for them.

With our robust catalog of core and elective courses, you can actively engage students in self-paced learning that provides the rigor students need for success in this class and beyond.

Learn more about our comprehensive Grade 6-12 course library.

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“With Calvert Learning’s project-based learning, no student is left behind in the classroom, which is incredible!”

Bamko International Academy

Elementary Curriculum

The elementary years are a great time to utilize digital curriculum to encourage curiosity, teach critical thinking skills, and offer multi-modal learning opportunities. In the project-based Calvert Learning lessons, students receive direct instruction that they then practice and apply in project-based activities that help connect their learning with real-world situations.

Explore information about our research-based Calvert Learning project-based curriculum for Grades K-5.

Advanced Placement® (AP®)

Many students attend schools in districts where AP courses are simply not available. Expand your AP offerings and provide students with a wider range of options that help increase access and opportunity with Edmentum AP courses.

Browse our college and career readiness courses and read why access to AP courses improves college readiness.

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Average rate of graduation for CTE concentrators vs. 85% national graduation rate NCES, 2018

Career & Technical Education (CTE)

Forge a path from CTE exploration through employability for your students. Career and technical education programs are creating new pathways to success that prioritize real-world learning application and career interests for middle and high school students. Edmentum is committed to helping students explore career options, learn technical skills, and develop soft skills that accelerate employability.

Learn more about our comprehensive CTE offerings that range from introduction and exploration to full career pathways. And, check out research and stories from districts using Edmentum for non-traditional graduation pathways and providing career success for all students.

Alternative Programs

The traditional classroom doesn’t work for every student; some need a specialized program with enhanced services. Alternative programs give students ownership over their learning so they can learn in their own ways, often with extra support and on a schedule that suits their personal needs. With Edmentum core curriculum courses, students don’t sacrifice high-quality, standards-based curriculum just because they need another path.

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“If it wasn’t for [Edmentum], many students wouldn’t be able to graduate.”

Troy City School District Alternative Program Principal

Learn more about our courses for 6-12 students and success with alternative program students.