Learning Acceleration

Learning Acceleration

Complete unfinished learning and accelerate on-grade proficiency

While state and national studies show academic rebounding, students are still several to double-digit percentile points behind where they should be. As educators help students recover credits or address gaps in prerequisite skills, their goal is to do that while simultaneously progressing students forward. But without the right resources to personalize instruction, learning acceleration becomes just another good idea.

With the Edmentum K-12 learning acceleration solutions—which can be deployed during the school day or in extended-day or extended-year programs—learning acceleration becomes a reality with each student on a path to on-grade proficiency and eventual graduation.

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Identify Needs

Each grade and classroom is populated with students with a range of skills and knowledge. Uncovering exactly what each student knows and doesn’t is the first step in accelerating learning. Edmentum practice, diagnostic, and benchmark assessments do just that; they identify areas where each student needs help to individualize instruction.

Provide Remediation

Building a strong foundation of discrete skills and concepts is essential to accelerating learning. Edmentum solutions meet students where they are to ensure that prerequisite skills are solid, and each student grows toward on-grade proficiency.

Increase On-Grade Proficiency

Students who are ready for on-grade instruction or need to recover credits require instruction aligned with state standards. Edmentum solutions provide standards-aligned content, with plenty of support, in active learning environments that engage and motivate students.

Solutions that Work

Educators across the county trust Edmentum to accelerate the growth of their students and have shared evidence of their students’ success.

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Credit Recovery

When students get stuck, they get frustrated. And for students who are recovering credits, frustration can lead to dropping out. The Edmentum digital curriculum provides students with the help and interactive learning opportunities they need to keep moving forward and earn the credits they need to graduate. And it’s flexible to suit a variety of student and programmatic needs including full course, unit, and targeted skill recovery during the school day or in extended day or year programs.

See our courses for credit recovery and our guide to credit recovery program success.


Percentage point increase in graduation rate
Houston ISD

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Skill Remediation

Learning acceleration helps students acquire prerequisite skills and concepts from the previous grade, ideally as the need arises, so there is an immediate connection between remediation and on-grade learning. Edmentum solutions help identify students’ just-in-time needs, fill any gaps, and immediately apply that learning to the topic at hand.

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Intervention (RTI/MTSS)

Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) and Response to Intervention (RTI) both provide tiered support to help students achieve on-grade level success and long-term growth. You can identify students who are at risk, plan evidence-based interventions, and monitor ongoing progress using embedded assessments or data from your NWEA™ MAP™ Growth or Renaissance® STAR tests with Exact Path and Study Island.

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Intervention tiers

Students grew up to 2 grade levels

Results of students using Reading Eggs 12 minutes a day.

Early Literacy

Laying a strong foundation with early literacy has tremendous impact on lifelong academic success. When students crack the code on reading, they unlock their academic potential. Support students as they learn to read; develop key phonics, comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency skills; and apply them as they begin to read to learn with the dynamic, three-in-one Reading Eggs solution.

Learn more about how Reading Eggs—built to the five essential pillars of reading instruction and proven effective—provides early literacy foundational support, phonics intervention, supplemental instruction, and EL reading support.

English Language Learners (ELL)

Nearly three out of four classrooms include at least one English language learner, and English learners represent the fastest growing student population in the United States. These students not only need language learning opportunities but also literacy and subject-area instruction that supports their acquisition of grade-level skills and concepts. Edmentum offers curriculum to support both needs.

See how ELL Foundations drives English language progress and proficiency for entering, emerging, and developing level students and how Edmentum Exact Path and Study Island and Apex Tutorials and Courses support literacy and academic development.


Increase in ELL progress measurement

50th to 66th

Impact of tutoring on student percentile growth.


Educational researchers agree that high-impact tutoring can provide some of the biggest improvements in student learning of any intervention. When qualified tutors and educators are in short supply, crack the code on early reading proficiency, support algebra readiness, and shore up test success with Edmentum's high-quality one-to-one and small-group tutoring offerings. We offer on-demand homework help and course support, pre-scheduled high-impact intensive skills recovery, and targeted small-group instruction for every level of support you could need.

See how On-Demand Tutoring from FEV Tutor, High-Impact Tutoring from Littera, and Targeted Small-Group Instruction can support your tutoring initiatives.

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