Virtual Learning

In an educational landscape that demands flexibility and choice, Edmentum equips your district with virtual learning that is scalable, human-centered, and pedagogically sound.

  • Leverage award-winning curricula taught by [state]-certified teachers
  • Keep learning on track, equitable, and aligned to district needs
  • Increase offerings with core, AP®, CTE, and NCAA®-approved courses

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Flexible course options

Virtual learning is a vital component to building a district-aligned education around students’ scheduling conflicts, learning preferences, and personal needs. With increased course options and alternative graduation pathways, students stay in-district and on track toward graduation, managing course credits that fit their academic goals and flexible access that fits their lives.

Build sustainable virtual programs with Flexible Virtual Learning.

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Address teacher shortages

Leverage technology to get the high-quality, [state]-certified teachers you need amid critical staffing shortages and overcrowding. Our modern virtual classroom lets students connect with virtual teachers during your existing bell schedule, helping you create more capacity for your educators to focus on what they do best—teaching and connecting with students.

Solve staffing roadblocks with Enhanced Virtual Learning.

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Increase capacity

Virtual learning solutions go beyond course offerings with instructional services that complement and enhance the learning process. Accelerate skills recovery, support 21st century skill development, or alleviate some stresses from your classroom teachers to ensure that your program is effective and your students are successful.

Amplify teaching and learning with student supports including virtual tutoring, special education support, and success coaching, as well as teacher supports including grading services and instructional coaching.

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Our certified teachers are invested in student success.

Strong pedagogy with human connection

Why you integrate virtual learning is just as important as how. With our people-first approach, we stay focused on your end goals.

Expand course access

Stay competitive by offering more core, elective, AP, world language, and CTE courses.

Accelerate credit recovery

Keep students on-track for graduation with exemptive pretests and flexible access.

Support the hospitalized or homebound

Offer a full schedule and teacher support for students on temporary or long-term leave.

Take the ball and run

Allow college-bound athletes to take NCAA-approved courses, even when on the road.

Address staffing challenges

Leverage [state]-certified virtual teachers of record to help fill gaps and maximize talent.

Connect anytime, anywhere

Design a program tailored to your bell schedule or one that offers more flexibility.

Retain student enrollments

Encourage students to stay with transferable credits from our accredited academy.

Level-up interventions

Amplify a virtual learning program with tutoring, success coaching, or special education services.

5 ways virtual teachers can enhance school offerings and address staffing needs.

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Our virtual, human-centered instruction combines best-in-class K–12 learning technology with [state]-certified teachers to provide sustainable, in-district programs that grant every student a front-row seat to learning.

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Our intensive, K–12 virtual tutoring closes learning gaps and propels academic growth with program flexibility to target and support unique student needs.

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Apex Learning Virtual School (ALVS) is a fully accredited, private, online school for grades 6–12 that provides families with flexible options and empowers students to control when, where, and how learning happens.

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“What makes Edmentum a true partner is their response to your needs. I think that you only know that you have a true partner when you go to lean on them and they're there to catch you and support you.”

Tamiko Hatcher, Director of Special Programs
Akron Public Schools, Ohio

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