Summer Planning Toolkit

Summer Planning & Success Toolkit

Credit Recovery

Summer is the perfect opportunity for students to recoup lost units and recover credits so they can stay on track toward their graduation goals.


How do you get there?

Stand up a credit recovery program using your own teachers and our digital courseware.

Build a virtual credit recovery solution, powered by our state-certified teachers.


Intervention & Acceleration

The work continues to help our students recover from compounded learning loss with intentional acceleration and intervention programs—design a targeted approach for this summer.


How do you get there?

Diagnose learning needs, meet students where they are, and shore up longstanding skill gaps to accelerate growth.

Introduce modular curriculum that remediates grade-level concepts tied to courses, EOCs, or even college readiness exams.

Master standards and ensure grade-level proficiency with proven practice and formative assessments.


Bridge Programs

Some grade transitions are more difficult than others; ensure students are prepared to make the critical jump to middle school or high school.


How do you get there?

Offer just-in-time courses to ensure students are ready for the next grade transition.



Summer school is the perfect time for students to get ahead and earn more credits, creating scheduling flexibility in the year ahead.


How do you get there?

Help students earn additional credits using your own teachers to get ahead this summer.

Extend learning options and enrich instruction virtually in your summer programming.


How do you get there?

Meet students where they are in their reading journey and promote intentional academic growth.

Build early literacy foundations aligned to the five pillars of reading.