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Education is a demanding career, and sometimes it can be lonely. Connect with the Network to fully realize just how fulfilling your profession can be—all on a schedule that works for you.



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Education is a social experience. And connections lead to innovation.

– Zach Bost
Principal, Central Elementary, Lucedale, MS
Edmentum Educator Network Member
Zach Bost
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Going beyond a PLN

Educators' work is so fulfilling, but the day-to-day realities can be tough. The Network connects you with other educators who are living the same triumphs and struggles. Through in-person and virtual events, you will meet peers cloes to home or far away who just get it. Our community is more than a personal learning network—it's a sounding board, a think-tank, a therapy outlet, and a group of friends. By joining the Network, you can find your people, no matter what your role in education.



Education can be an isolating situation, with the Educator Engagement Network, we bring teacher together to learn and have access to a learning community. Edmentum looks to be an integral part of this learning community and is dedicated to supporting educators and education.

Hear first hand experiences from a few of our members on what being a part of the Educator Network has meant to them.

Fostering Educator Leadership at All Levels

Nothing quite beats a shared experience with a small group of peers. That's why biannual in-person Educator Summit events are a critcal piece of the Edmentum Educator Network. Think of the Summits as a retreat with 15-20 of your future education BFFs. These events are for you, and we let you set the direction. They're a big commitment, which is why they are application-based, but they come with big and lasting benefits. You become part of a year-long cohort, and the Network will facilitate follow-ups, site-visits, collaboration opportunities, and workshopping with Edmentum teams for the group. An all-expenses paid conference, and a new group of go-to colleagues to lean on—what educator couldn't use that?




Infusing Educator Voice in Education Technology

You and your students are the daily users of classroom technology, so you should have an important hand determining what it is, what it does, and how it's designed. At Edmentum, we know that real educator input, feedback, and help is critical to make sure our programs truly work for you. With our Network workshops, we want to take that approach a step further by providng opportunities for you to work directly with Edmentum teams and contribute to the creation of Edmentum program content—credit and compensation included.