28 Career Pathways: Edmentum’s Expanded CTE Library

Nov 02, 2023
Expanded cte library Edmentum article

Although more students are graduating from high school than ever before, a high school diploma is becoming more and more essential, and the national drop-out rate remains an important issue. For some students, dropping out is the result of low engagement—and these are the students who often thrive in a career and technical education (CTE) program.

Offering career and technical education (CTE) courses is a cost-effective way to expose students to future professions that might best align to their interests and strengths. That’s why Edmentum is pleased to announce that, thanks to our expanded partnership with eDynamic Learning, we’ve enhanced our Courseware CTE course offerings to now span 28 career pathways across 12 career clusters.

Multiple Career Pathways That Offer Both Depth and Breadth

With a wide selection of CTE courses, students are more likely to find multiple courses and career fields that are aligned with their interests.

For instance, if students love taking digital pictures, they could choose to take the Digital Photography 1a: Introduction course to gain real skills that they can use in their current hobby and also learn about potential careers fields where those skills are valued. For the next step, students can continue with Digital Photography 1b: Creating Images with Impact!, which is part of the Fashion Design pathway and the Theater, Cinema, and Film pathway. 

If students determine that digital photography isn’t a fit, then they can pivot to a related field or something totally different. The goal is to give students exposure to what can be next for them past graduation and allow them to specialize on a specific career path once they know what direction they want to go.

Here is a listing of Edmentum’s 12 CTE career clusters and 28 career pathways:

Edmentum's Career Clusters and Pathways

Course Structure

Courses are comprised of multiple units that include lessons and activities for students to engage with the content. Each course is front-loaded with tips on how to be successful, necessary vocabulary, and a syllabus—making student expectations clear from the start.

Each unit begins with a unit introduction and then moves on to the lessons, which are a well-balanced mix of both engaging text and vibrant images that aid in student learning and processing. Each unit also includes a podcast that contains narration of the unit’s lesson. This provides an additional way for students to review and retain content.

Labs, activities, and flashcards are embedded throughout each unit so that students have multiple opportunities to apply what they’ve learned. Once students complete all units, they wrap up the course by taking a final exam and participating in a final exam discussion.

Ready to learn more about Edmentum’s enhanced CTE offerings? Access our CTE pathways brochure to view all of our CTE clusters, pathways, and corresponding courses.

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